A Chance (a_chance) wrote in nickelcreek,
A Chance

If you like anything in the list below then you should join

aar, ace ventura, alternative rock, bend it like beckham, brian griffin, c. s. lewis, country music, dashboard confessional, dc, don juan demarco, elijah, elijah wood, family guy, frodo, icons, innocent lies, joe nichols, johnny depp, keira knightley, king arthur, legolas, lotr, love actually, m. night shyamalan, making icons, maroon, movies, orlando, orlando bloom, pirates of the caribbean, princess of thieves, pulp fiction, pure, purple, quentin tarantino, samwise, seth macfarlane, star wars, stewie griffin, switchfoot, the all-american rejects, the hole, tom cruise, tyson ritter, x-men.

It is a place were you can chat/post/make icons of the following things. Join if you like any of the things above.
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