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Okay soo I loove love Nickel Creek. I was first introduced to them when watching the Jay Leno show. I heard them perform "Reasons Why" and was hooked. I was determined to find their cd. I picked it up and loved it so much. "Reasons Why" continues to be one of my fav songs. I think they are incredibly talented as a group, and as individuals. I wish I could see one of their shows. Their music really truly helps me emotionally and I will continue to love them! Anyone got some all time fav songs of theirs? Also, anyone like Charlotte Church here?
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Gotta go with "The Hand Song", from their debut album. First time I heard it, I stared at my stereo in amazement as Sara's voice washed over my soul. It definitely tugged on my heartstrings.
Yeah The Hand Song is sooooooooooooo amazing! I love Sara's voice. I'm a singer too actually but I sing opera music but I also like to sing like's so subtle yet beautiful. It's like her voice brings me to this peaceful place I never want to leave! I wish they were more popular, no one I know knows them..too bad they are missing out!! I'm glad there is a community, as well as the nickel_creek community at the lj dedicated to them..I've been lookin for lj icons for them but I can't find any!